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A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Sam Holt with Expert Franchise Consulting — it was an encounter that would change my life. I had grown very frustrated with my job and was searching for something that would afford me more independence. During my on-line job hunt one day I unintentionally clicked a link opening a web page I was not looking for. Once there I read something about getting more information about franchise opportunities and thought “Why not — what do I have to lose”?

It did not take long before I was on the phone with Sam listening to him explain how he connects franchisors with potential franchisees. After we talked for a little while I was excited about what Sam had to say but I was very reluctant; I knew my wife would think I had lost my mind. Then I thought maybe if she talked to Sam and heard what he told me that maybe, just maybe, she would get it too. I asked Sam if we could talk again at a time when my spouse could participate. He agreed and we scheduled a call for the following Saturday morning. While on speaker phone, Sam went through his explanation again and patiently answered all our questions. By the end of the call we were both in agreement that this may be a viable option for our family and felt reassured that what Sam was presenting was legitimate. The following Saturday we had another conversation with Sam, and he presented some franchise opportunities he thought would suit us. By Sunday morning we had already chosen the opportunity we wanted to pursue and called Sam with the decision. Sam immediately went to action and initiated to discovery process.

Sam guided us through every part of the process; beginning with discovery, through finance, training, all the way to grand opening. Sam is a man of integrity, knowledge, and experience. He is the perfect partner for anyone interested in finding the right franchise opportunity. I highly recommend Sam Holt to anyone who is even slightly interested in taking charge of their career and life through franchising.
Cecil Turner - Columbia, SC

Several months ago, I was blessed to meet Sam Holt with Expert Franchise Consulting. I was working in a job that required that I be away from home for 2 weeks out of each month. The job was a relatively good job and paid well but was very challenging because I was away from my family so much.

I had begun the process of looking for a job closer to home and also decided to look at the possibility of getting into a franchise business. I made an inquiry on a website and Sam called and explained how he might help find the right franchise business for me. In our first conversation Sam asked me a number of questions and put together my criteria for getting into a franchise business. Together we clarified what the key elements had to be in a franchise business in order that it be an excellent fit for me.

Sam brought several different franchises to me for my consideration and helped me select one that was a good fit for my criteria. He introduced me to the franchises representatives and stayed with me through the franchise Discovery process until it reached a point that I was very clear that the franchise was a very good fit for me and I chose to purchase that franchise. Sam also guided me toward a good way to finance purchase of the franchise through use of funds I had in a 401K plan.

I have now been in my new franchise business for several months and can see that it is going to be a very good business for me. I believe I will be able to exceed the income I was making from my job and I am home every night and I am my own boss. No one gives me orders, no one else decides what my income is and no one can lay me off.

I recommend Sam’s services to anyone who would really like to get into their own franchise business.
You are in good hands with Sam. He is a good guy.
Mike Baur - Auburn AL

It is my great pleasure to recommend Sam Holt as a franchise consultant to anyone who is looking to venture in the world of franchising. He has been my franchising guru since 2014 till today as I am working towards my first venture.

We set out on the journey few years back and Sam has patiently and diligently offered multiple options based on my business needs and life goals. We worked through many ideas and concepts, carefully analyzing the business, financial strength and possibility of a strong return on investment.

My goal was to have a business with high emotional benefit and sound financial returns. I have decided to pursue a yoga business model, which will fulfill my life work and provide me stable earnings. Sam Holt has been there for me in every step, research, analysis, validation and execution.

If you are looking for a consultant with a wide breath of life and business experience, high character and strength then I have no hesitation in calling out Sam Holt’s name.
He is my franchise guru/coach/consultant and a fellow yogi.
In Yoga, Shreyas Joshi - Roswell, GA

I met Sam Holt a few years ago in the course of exploring franchise opportunities available in the Greensboro, NC area. I had been doing various kinds of sales jobs through the years, most of which required that I be on the road most of the time. I always made a pretty good income, but I was very tired of being on the road and wanted to get into some kind of business where I could be home every night. That was my primary reason for wanting to get into a franchise business. Sam explained to me that he would help me clarify exactly what I wanted to get from owning my own franchise business in terms of income, lifestyle and wealth building.

Within a few days we talked again and he began to show me different franchises, that could be a fit for me. There were several that interested me and after getting some initial questions answered, I focused on one particular one that seemed like a good fit. Over the course of several months Sam helped me investigate the franchise but it just wasn’t really getting me excited. And then Sam showed me Home Vestors, which is a real estate franchise. The more I looked at it, the more excited I became until I realized it was just what I was looking for.

Sam help me get some financing and within a few months I purchased the franchise, went through training and launched my business. As of this writing I have been in business for several months and am off to a very good start. I am very happy with my business. Sam’s help was invaluable in helping me find the right franchise business. I highly recommend Sam Holt as an excellent franchise consultant. He will help you find the right one for you as well.
Tony Davis - Greensboro, NC